Providing constant support to the agricultural and industrial customers. Given our years of experience we truly offer product knowledge second to none.

Committed employees are also a big asset we offer. We strive to do it right the first time. We support a dealer network including Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and parts of British Columbia plus over the pond in Australia.

As the industry changes, we must also! Dealers pressured by their own OEMs to purchase only their products have limited our participation thus we have opened our doors to retail sales.

Having joined two large buying groups, IDI and Modern Sales, we have also branched industrial, power and transmission, plus safety, one of the fastest growth areas.

Welcome to Affordable parts! "Working hard to keep farmers farming!" Striving to create a lasting relationship! Give us a call today! How can we help you?

Enjoy our website! We want to provide as much information as possible. Knowledge is key to understanding your needs, then it's putting it together right the first time.